The 1947-1957 Healing Revival

This great revival was the most powerful and fruitful move of God in Christian history. Participants defined it as “a signs-gifts-healing, salvation-deliverance, Holy Ghost miracle revival." A more recent historian says it was “the most extensive public display of miraculous power in modern history.”

Despite extreme criticism and controversy, its effects were astounding. Pentecostalism was revitalised, a new wave of evangelistic initiatives circled the globe, reaping tens of thousands of new converts and the multi-facetted charismatic movement was birthed. The primary offshoot of the Healing Revival was the The Latter Rain Movement in Canada which in turn, led to the charismatic, restoration and prophetic movements which swept through the entire world.

Today the world-wide Pentecostal/charismatic community numbers over 550 million members and is the fastest growing branch of the Christian church across the nations.

We pay tribute to the pioneers who paid such a great price to return the church to its New Testament foundations.


Ministry Team

William Branham's early team including, Ern Baxter, Jack Moore and Gordon Lindsay

Who were these men?

The Healing Revival that exploded in 1947 thrust into positions of world-wide prominence a group of unsuspecting men. Who were these men? What credentials did they have? How did they experience such a meteoric rise to international fame and success in preaching the Gospel and healing the sick? Where did they get such power from? Were they uniquely chosen or just radically obedient?

There were between 50 and 70 full-time healing evangelists traversing America and invading foreign shores with their message of hope and deliverance from 1947 to the 70's and beyond.

Materials are hard to find but on this site you will find histories, biographies and teachings of these champions of the faith sourced from authentic original materials.

What did they believe and teach to produce such results?

The healing evangelists subscribed to a specific set of Christian teachings which emphasised the reliability of the Bible, salvation by repentance and faith and other regular evangelical doctrines. But their unique contribution was far more Pentecostal, stressing the Baptism in the Holy Spirit for all those who were believers, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, divine healing, the exercise of faith and the power of prayer and fasting.

Some proclaimed the restoration of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers according to Ephesians 4 and all subscribed to the ability to impart supernatural power through the laying on of hands - and much more.

Throughout this site you will find examples of everything they believed, taught and practiced.

What lessons can we learn from their successes and failures?

There is always much to learn from pioneers of the faith who broke through all barriers to see and experience a true move of God - how they prayed, their interior life with God, the methodology they employed and so on.

But there are warnings as well as examples. The healing evangelists pioneered a powerful means of evangelism through preaching and healing; Their appeal to the common people was extraordinary and their faith in God's promises to save, heal and deliver were exemplary

Yet, there were sins and snares which marred their work and should be taken seriously by leaders today. Pride, independence, financial impropriety, competitiveness and doctrinal errors or extremes dogged the steps of many.


We are glad you stopped by! Our purpose is to fan your passion for more of God in your life and ministry.

We have collected and researched materials from the 1947-1957 healing revival which rocked the world and re-configured the direction of His advancing church for the next 60 years.

We have added Biblical teaching on healing and historical material which shows that the ministry of healing was always on God's agenda and has been exercised throughout the church age.

We pray that this site will encourage your soul, inspire your faith and provoke you to seek God for a fresh anointing to demonstrate the Gospel by signs and wonders.

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