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VoH December 1950

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We are glad you stopped by! Our purpose is to fan your passion for more of God in your life and ministry. We have collected and researched materials from the 1947-1957 healing revival which rocked the world and re-configured the direction of His advancing church for the next 60 years. We have added Biblical teaching on healing and historical material which shows that the ministry of healing was always on God's agenda and has been exercised throughout the church age.

We pray that this site will encourage your soul, inspire your faith and provoke you to seek God for fresh power to demonstrate the Gospel by signs and wonders.



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Branham's First Team
Branham's First Team

Healing revival Tent

A Typical Healing Revival Tent - one seated 22,000 people!

Branham's meetings in Durban, South Africa

Branham meeting in Durban, South Africa